With little fanfare and a three sentence press release, the Professional Indoor Soccer League was breathed into life by Rosario Lopez Sunday afternoon.

The Professional Indoor Soccer League launches its inaugural season, with a short summer league of Western and Eastern Conference teams, scheduled to play through the months of July, August, and September with the PISL Finals in October of 2017.

The PISL will be sanctioned by the NAFF, played under international rules and regulations. The PISL will have a direct connection with domestic and international indoor soccer leagues and federations all over the world.

The PISL is the latest venture in a confusing menagerie of leagues and organizations, spearheaded by Major League Futsal and an alphabet soup of governing bodies.

Lopez’s previous forays into indoor soccer include the Professional Arena Soccer League’s Real Phoenix, who folded after one 4-12 season, drawing an announced 190 per game in 2012/13.  The team played in three different venues and failed to send players on their last two road trips, requiring league intervention to make sure the games were played as scheduled.

Little substance has been divulged so far, considering the PISL is ambitiously planning to start play in three months.  Second graders will have fun pronouncing the acronym of the league and its flaming heap logo might be what killed the dinosaurs.

The league website also lists pro men and women’s leagues, men and women’s premier leagues, a junior indoor soccer association, a youth academy (singular) and youth academies (plural).

While pledging  to “be considered the top level professional Men’s and Women’s Indoor Soccer league in the United States,” you can acquire a PISL team now for the low, low price of $800.

Today, the Phoenix Falcons, who played in MLF and the Premier Arena Soccer League, have announced they will be a part of the PISL.