The Milwaukee Wave and Ian Bennett’s romantic comedy came to a satisfying happy ending as the two parties came to a deal to live happily ever after.

The Wave announced the new deal as a “lifetime” contract and could be one of the most comprehensive deals in indoor history.

In the live Facebook webcast Van McNeil and Bennett pretended that the Wave leading scorer was moving on. He thanked the fans and did a sad walk off camera before bursting back into frame exclaiming, “Sike!”

The lifetime contract includes a merchandise partnership with Bennett’s brand ib26.

What is a lifetime contract exactly? “Just staying until I can’t play anymore and then a front office job in the organization,” Bennett said.

There had been rumors of friction between the Wave front office and Bennett, and when free agency kicked off on May 1 it seemed like they had reached an impasse. “Things just got real…. May 1st here we come I guess!!! #stillblessed #ib26,” Bennett posted on Facebook on the eve of the MASL’s “live period”.

Today Bennett said, “It wasn’t about the money, it was about setting up a foundation for after soccer.

“I just wanted to make sure everything was going to work out and they made clear by taking care of me that we are on the same page now.”

Things began to fall into place last Friday when the Wave announced they had re-signed Max Ferdinand to a three-year contract.  With his indoor soccer soulmate sticking around it was hard to imagine Bennett leaving Milwaukee after eight prosperous seasons.