The MASL’s first “live period” ends Monday at 6:00pm EDT, but dozens of players, whose contracts have already expired, will still be able to be signed by any team after Monday. And players whose contracts end on August 31, for example, will be able to sign with any team at that point, making Monday’s deadline largely symbolic.

Visible movement has been slow going.  Of our list T&B Ranks the Top 40 MASL Free Agents only five players have signed and all five stayed with their current teams.

Cedar Rapids has been the most active team publicly, signing Taylor Bond and Mario Alvarez away from the Chicago Mustangs, and keeping Gordy Gurson, Joshio Sandoval, Bobby Hurwitz, Sam Guernsey, and Antonio Aguilar on board for 2017/18.    Bond, the MASL All-League Second Team forward who scored 40 goals last year became available when the league voided the Mustangs player contracts due to a violation of league rules, which added a new wrinkle to the live period.

Besides the Rampage, Milwaukee was the other winner so far, locking up Ian Bennett and Max Ferdinand to long-term contracts.

The 1-19 St. Louis Ambush have yet to announce any deals.  The same is true for the 0-20 El Paso Coyotes, but there are rumors that suggest massive player movement from Sonora, Baja and Dallas to El Paso, San Diego, and the all-but-confirmed-to-be-returning Monterrey Flash that could reshape the Western Conference.

Monday could be active, but it won’t be the final say on this offseason’s free agency.