When your favorite team misses the playoffs, it is customary to wonder, “What will happen in the offseason?”, or, “Will key players return, or will they bring other talent in for a rebuilding year?”  I thought these things when the Syracuse Silver Knights ended their season in March.

When the MASL decided to have a two week free agency window, I was hoping to hear a major signing, or even a player or two from last year’s team coming back, but, the two weeks came and went, with nothing said.  Other teams made major moves, such as Cedar Rapids gaining former Chicago player Taylor Bond, and Milwaukee retaining the services of Ian Bennett, Max Ferdinand, and others.

We are now in late July, and outdoor soccer seasons are in full swing, so you would start to wonder when indoor soccer franchises would start taking shape.  Over the last few days, I have heard rumblings about the Syracuse Silver Knights.  Here is what I know:

¶Moises Gonzalez has decided to return to his hometown, and play for the RGV Barracudas.  I spoke to Moises yesterday, and he told me that he will play for one year, with a possibility of coming back to Syracuse.  In my opinion, I felt this was coming, as much as I didn’t want it to.  He came to Syracuse after playing for Brownsville, a team that had decided to sit out last season.  So when the opportunity to play for his hometown team again this season, it was a no brainer.  I wish Moises the best of luck playing for the RGV Barracudas, and Moises, if you’re reading this, my offer still stands to send you snow as a reminder of Syracuse!
¶Manfut posted on Facebook a thank you to the Syracuse community for the last five seasons as a Silver Knight, and it was time to move on “to the next chapter”.  This comes as a huge surprise to all Knights fans, as he was a fan favorite, and played a huge role in the community.  As for the next chapter, I can only predict what this means.  He recently played for the Rochester Lancers of the NPSL, and there have been rumors over the last few months of a return of the Lancers indoor team.  My guess is he stays in the Northeast Division of the MASL and will play an hour west of Syracuse in Rochester. Antonio was a spark plug that brought so much to the Knights.  He will be missed.

¶Ryan Hall was named Head Coach of the Silver Knights yesterday.  This comes as no surprise to anyone.  Ryan was the assistant coach to Bryan O’Quinn at the start of last season, and when president Tommy Tanner shook up the coaching staff, Ryan took over as head coach on an interim basis.  Ryan brought passion, and a vast knowledge of the sport to the table, and Tommy wanted Ryan to have a full season to show what he can do. Congratulations Ryan, this is well deserved, and I look forward to seeing you this season!

In a press conference held yesterday, both Tommy Tanner and Ryan Hall mentioned that the team would start to take shape over the next few weeks, with announcements being made when a signing takes place. As a Knights fan, this is a very exciting time, and cannot wait to hear about new players, as well as players returning to the Salt City!