Welcome to Kick-ins, a summary of the week’s news.

10/23/17 Fury Fire Four – The Ontario Fury released four prominent players, granting them free agency. Goalkeeper Joey Kapinos, who started all 23 regular season and playoff games, his twin brother Jayme Kapinos, Alex Caceres, and Eric Guzman were all let go. Caceres wasted no time in signing with the El Paso Coyotes. Guzman, one of the top young talents in the MASL, was limited to two games last year, ending a disappointing tenure with the Fury. The Kapinos brothers were working out with the Syracuse Silver Knights.

10/24/17 Jimmy cracked corn and I’m Furious – After a 5 1/2 month delay, the Ontario Fury finally announced the successor to original coach Bernie Lilavois, and he was there the whole time. The Fury elevated assistant coach Jimmy Nordberg to the position of Head Coach. Nordberg holds an “A” License for coaching from the US Soccer Federation. He currently serves as the Director of FC Golden State Academy, as well as the head trainer of the CB3 Academy at the Upland Sports Arena.

“Jimmy brings a great background in coaching soccer to the Ontario Fury,” said Lilavois. “He has been able to bring some of the lessons he’s learned training with European coaches which will give our team a new perspective on the field and in training.”

10/27/17 – Megson turns the tide, but Wave wipes out Tacoma – The MASL season opened in dramatic fashion. Alex Megson went head over heels to tie the game in spectacular fashion with just four seconds left in regulation, but Max Ferdinand had his own magic, scoring in sudden death on a 100-foot run.


10/28/17 Win E. Coyote – So much for the Sophomore Slump. The El Paso Coyotes went 0-20 last year, but needed only one 2017/18 game to pick up their first win. The Coyotes rallied from a 4-3 fourth quarter deficit to cruise to an 8-4 win over the visiting Rio Grande Valley Barracudas. Christian Gutierrez had four goals and an assist in his El Paso debut.


2017-10-28 Express Jesus Belmonte Signed
2017-10-28 Express Adrian Plascencia Signed
2017-10-28 Express Alex Paz Signed
2017-10-28 Express Jorge Carmona Signed
2017-10-28 Express Arturo Pulido Signed
2017-10-28 Express Adrian Pulido Signed
2017-10-28 Express Edgar Martinez Signed
2017-10-28 Express Ivan Campos Signed
2017-10-27 Silver Knights Ben Ramin Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Emmanuel Garcia Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Carlos Portales Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Fidel Garcia Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Oscar Ventura Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Austin Tom Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Raul Salazar Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Rodrigo Tinoco Signed
2017-10-26 Barracudas Miguel Rocha Signed
2017-10-26 Wave Kyle Lance Signed
2017-10-26 Wave Matt Eisold Signed
2017-10-26 Wave Andrew Wiedabach Signed
2017-10-26 Wave Isaac Pereyra Signed
2017-10-26 Silver Knights Bo Jelovac Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes David Standridge Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Jorge Lozano Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Jair Olivares Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Alfredo Zendejas Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Alex Caceres Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Jorge Rios Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Marco Vidal Signed
2017-10-26 Coyotes Hugo Puentes Signed
2017-10-25 Stars Michael Arguello Signed
2017-10-25 Stars Jamael Cox Signed
2017-10-25 Stars Vince McCluskey Signed
2017-10-25 Stars Dan Antoniuk Signed
2017-10-25 Coyotes Christian Zamora Signed
2017-10-25 Coyotes Diego Salas Signed
2017-10-25 Coyotes David Salas Signed
2017-10-25 Coyotes Jose Acosta Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Kiel Williams Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Lucas Rodriguez Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Patrick Kelly Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Guerrero Pino Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Carlos Trombini Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Ignacio Flores Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Gui Gomes Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Bryan Perez Signed
2017-10-25 Comets Leo Gibson Signed
2017-10-25 Coyotes Omar Tena Released
2017-10-25 Coyotes Misael Villarreal Released
2017-10-25 Coyotes Antonio Esquivel Released
2017-10-25 Coyotes Jesus Vargas Released
2017-10-25 Silver Knights Patrick Thompson Signed
2017-10-24 Stars Joey Gjertsen Signed
2017-10-24 Silver Knights Andrew Coughlin Signed
2017-10-24 Silver Knights Nate Bourdeau Signed
2017-10-24 Ambush Nestor Hernandez Signed
2017-10-23 Fury Alex Caceres Released
2017-10-23 Fury Eric Guzman Released
2017-10-23 Fury Jayme Kapinos Released
2017-10-23 Fury Joey Kapinos Released