Week 3 in the MASL is here! I mentioned this in my last article, and I’ll mention it again, because it probably won’t happen again: I went a perfect 8 for 8 last week in predictions. So, will I be able to continue my streak? Let’s find out!

The first game of the week will take place in a winter wonderland. The forecast for Syracuse is calling for cold, wind, and the dreaded “S” word: snow. I’ll be traveling to the Oncenter to watch the Silver Knights take on the Ontario Fury. I can tell you the forecast inside will be MUCH different than the forecast outside. The forecast inside will be a 100% chance of a Knights victory, leaving the fans of the Silver Knights that warm and fuzzy feeling before heading out into the cold fall/winter’s night.

Thirty minutes into the Knights-Fury game, Baltimore will unveil its 2017-18 team to nearly 4,000 Blast fans in Towson as Cedar Rapids comes to town. I see the Blast winning this one, but only by a few goals. The Rampage showed what they can do in their fourth quarter against Milwaukee.

UPSET!!! The final game of the night has Tacoma heading to Turlock to take on the Express. As much as I like Tacoma, I see Turlock stealing this game from them. The key will be Turlock needs to finish this game. They seem to take their foot off of the pedal when the fourth quarter happens. Don’t do that, and I see a victory!

Ontario will take a drive south to Harrisburg on Saturday to face the Heat. What will Head Coach Denison Cabral have up his sleeve this year for the runners-up in the Eastern Conference? After playing the Knights the night before, I see a tired Fury team losing to Harrisburg.

Speaking of teams traveling south in back-to-back games, Cedar Rapids heads to the Sunshine State to face the Tropics in Lakeland. For my Tropics fans reading this, please send some warm weather my way, as I am not ready for this snow! Cedar Rapids should win this game by one or two goals making their trip home much more pleasant.

The final game of Saturday is St. Louis against Milwaukee. The Ambush looked strong against Kansas City last week, but they’re facing a Wave team that’s unstoppable. Milwaukee by a touchdown.

Sunday has three games on the schedule with the first being Monterrey versus Rio Grande Valley. I would like this game to be close, but I just don’t see that happening. Monterrey goes to 2-0 after defeating the Barracudas.

My game of the week has Kansas City facing off against Milwaukee. In years past, this would be a highly contested battle, with each team taking a game or two from the series. As of right now, I see Milwaukee going to 4-0 after handling a fairly inexperienced Comets squad.

The final game of Week 3 has Tacoma traveling to San Diego to face the Sockers. San Diego eked out a 6-5 win against Syracuse last Sunday at home, after Syracuse edged out a win against Turlock in Turlock. This sounds familiar. A team traveling to Turlock then San Diego in two days. Unfortunately, the ending will not be the same. San Diego will take care of business, winning this game by four or more goals.

There it is MASL Nation. Best of luck to all of the teams playing this week. Stay warm!



Baltimore> Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids>Florida
Milwaukee>St. Louis

Monterrey>Rio Grande Valley
Milwaukee>Kansas City
San Diego>Tacoma