Merlin is feeling a bit under the weather this week, so I’m just going to keep this post short and sweet. Last week, I went 1-1, with El Paso ruining my perfect 2-0 record. By the way, congratulations to the Coyotes for pulling off a wonderful OT victory against Soles. If I were to do a Power Ranking this week, they would climb to the middle of the pack, just above a struggling Soles team. Sonora barely pulled off a victory against Rio Grande Valley last night, which by the way was action-packed and high-scoring, just the way I like them! I hope we see 11 more games like that over the next three days. Who do I have winning in those games?

UPSET ALERT: I hope everyone is sitting down for this. Also wearing my “Knight Writer” hat, everyone should be aware by now, I’m a HUGE Syracuse Silver Knights fan. Tonight, in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, they will play the Florida Tropics. Last year, Florida took three out of the four games against the Knights, with the final game being of no importance in the standings. Both games in Florida were very close. Will that happen again tonight? Of course it will. Syracuse is 1-3 in one-goal games this year, but after tonight, make it 2-3. Syracuse pulls this one off in an OT shocker! I apologize in advance to Mr. Freddy Moojen, who might be reading this. If you win, feel free to come over and let me hear it next Saturday night in Syracuse.

For the rest of the games:

Baltimore over Ontario

Harrisburg over St. Louis: On a side note, interesting trade that happened today. Victor France heads to Cedar Rapids for Pablo and Antonio Aguilar. Pablo reunites with former teammate Hewerton, and France heads to a contender in Cedar Rapids. I like this trade for both teams.

Milwaukee defeats Kansas City: I might have to do multiple screens here at work with the amount of games tonight.

San Diego over Tacoma: This will be a tight game on the West Coast tonight. I’ll be tuning into YouTube for this one.

Baltimore beats St. Louis Saturday night

Ontario over Harrisburg: Ontario has to make another East Coast swing this week with back to back games. Fury fans, that ain’t right. Your team travels east twice and other teams who shall remain nameless (cough Baltimore cough) get to miss a trip out west, or should I say more west than Kansas City. I digress. Back to the picks!

El Paso beats Turlock

RGV defeats Turlock Sunday evening: I liked RGV’s atheticism versus Soles last night. They never gave up, and could have easily won that game. They win this game at home against Turlock.

Cedar Rapids over Kansas City: Cedar Rapids is starting to gain steam. If they played every game like they did in the first half against St. Louis last week, watch out!

San Diego over Soles

There you have it MASL Nation. If my picks are bad, I blame it on being sick. If they’re good, I blame it on being sick.