Week 8 is in the books and a series of offsetting circumstances kept everyone mostly in place in the Power Rankings.

Only six teams in the MASL have a winning record right now, so if you’re Cedar Rapids (5-4) and you lose to St. Louis, or if you’re El Paso (5-4) and lose twice to Monterrey, you’re still hot stuff right now.

The big news was that the St. Louis Ambush ended their 22-game losing streak with a 6-5 overtime win over the Rampage Sunday. It should have been big news, but the Ambush and even the MASL have oddly avoided any mention of the streak.

Syracuse was the only big gainer this week, and they should consider themselves lucky that they didn’t have a second game on their slate. Ten teams played two or more games since last week, and seven of them came away with at least one win and one loss (Rio Grande Valley went 2-1, while the other six teams went 1-1). So for every high scoring win over Kansas City there was a loss to St. Louis for Cedar Rapids. Or Harrisburg’s historic win over Baltimore, which was offset by their loss to Syracuse. Tacoma and Sonora split a double header.

The other three teams that had multiple games were Monterrey nabbing a pair of wins, and El Paso and Turlock absorbing a pair of losses.

This week’s light holiday schedule promises only four games. Sonora has a big divisional matchup against El Paso Thursday. The Rampage need a win against St. Louis, and the Comets desperately need a win against Milwaukee Friday. Saturday, the Heat and Tropics face off in a key Eastern Division game.

LW: 1
 Flash desplaza The Flash got two decisive wins over the then-5-2 Coyotes to remain undefeated.
LW: 2
 Wave  desplaza The Wave kept rolling with a rout of the Ambush.
LW: 3
 Sockers  desplaza San Diego showed no let-down or mercy to the visiting Express.
LW: 4
 Blast  desplaza The Blast split a pair of close games on the road.
LW: 5T
 Tropics  desplaza Florida fell to 4-4 after their second straight loss to the Blast, but .500 is a very sexy win percentage this year in the MASL.
LW: 5T
 Rampage  desplaza The Rampage swept the Comets in three straight games, but then never recovered from a bad first quarter in St. Louis and suffered a humiliating loss in a game where they needed to bank a win.
LW: 7
 Coyotes  desplaza The Coyotes lost two games to #1 Monterrey, but also lost goalkeeper Jesus Molina for the season. Four of their next five are against Monterrey and Sonora.
LW: 8
 Fury  desplaza The Fury pounded a road-weary Barracudas team to keep pace.
LW: 9
 Heat  desplaza The Heat got a desperately needed win against the Blast to keep their season on the rails, but have only four home games left.
LW: 13
 Silver Knights  arrowupgreen (1) Syracuse got a nice road win in Harrisburg to keep the battle for second place a tight one in the Eastern Division.
LW: 10
 Comets  red-down-arrow-hi The Comets lost three straight to Cedar Rapids (with a win over Tacoma in between) and are allowing an unthinkable 9 goals per game.
LW: 11
 Stars  red-down-arrow-hi If the Stars do anything this year they can point to Sunday’s Cory Keitz overtime goal against Sonora. If they don’t, they can point to their puny 4.8 goals per game average.
LW: 12
 Soles  red-down-arrow-hi Sonora got a needed win Saturday, but lost again Sunday to fall to 2-6. They went 34-6 their first two seasons.
LW: 16
 Barracudas  arrowupgreen (1) The Barracudas showed signs of life with wins over Sonora and Turlock. Jorge Quiroz is still a heck of a player.
LW: 15
 Ambush  desplaza It took 23 games and an overtime, but the Ambush joined the other 15 MASL teams in the win column Sunday before a nice home crowd.
LW: 14
 Express  red-down-arrow-hi It was a lost weekend for the Express, losing at home to Rio Grande Valley and getting blown out in San Diego.