This is the first edition of  Sockers Insider: a monthly video magazine of the activities of the San Diego Sockers from the previous month and a brief look ahead.

In this edition we take a look at the Sockers signings and re-signings during the month of May

We highlight some of the community activities the Sockers are taking part in, including the soccer camps led by Sockers Captain Kraig Chiles.

Looking ahead, the Sockers FIFA World Cup viewing parties are detailed. We also focus briefly on the voting for the next Sockers alumnus to have his number retired by the team.

Finally it is with heart felt sorrow that we bid a very fond farewell to Norbert Stein who passed away last month at the age of 105, after being a major presence since the beginning of all of this.

Thanks for watching.

Sockers Insider will be a monthly video magazine throughout this off-season.

The Ponto Off the Wall interview series will also be active during the off-season. Our next guest will be Sockers legend Jacques Ladouceur, coming soon.