Sockers legend Jacques Ladouceur joined me at my home for an extended conversation about his youth, his time with the Sockers,  his current passions, and the World Cup.

This was a special moment for me. Jacques and I have some personal history and it was so cool to sit down with him to catch up.

About half of the interview covers the work he is currently doing and his passion of helping fatherless families. He hit a chord with me as I have been active in mentoring young men and I allowed the discussion to flow to its natural conclusions.

Jacques talks about his youth in Haiti, growing up in New York, playing in Greece, joining the US National Team, his time with the Sockers, and at the conclusion of the interview we talk about his thoughts on the World Cup. He offers his prediction of the World Cup winner at the end of our talk.

Jacques was always my personal favorite. His skill and work ethic was clearly evident on the field. He regularly improved those that took the field with him. He was, and still is, an affable and approachable man.

During our time together he mentions the legends he played alongside of. In his usual humility he extends accolades where they are deserved, while taking his own credit where credit is due.

It has been, and will continue to be, my pleasure to bring these interviews to you.

My intention is that you may get to know these men, that we have all seen playing this game we love, on a deeper level.

As always thanks for watching!