On Thursday, the Florida Tropics traded Freddy Moojen to Utica City in exchange for Andre Braithwaite. The following is an open letter from Moojen.

Hello Turf and Boards fans,

The last 48 hours have been crazy.

Let me start by saying thanks to all the fans, teammates and organization here in Florida for the past three years. I was the first player signed here, helped to build our roster every season, was the assistant coach and captain…I am thankful for my time and memories created here.

It was a big surprise to get traded without knowing anything about it. It is not an ideal situation, especially after playing in this league for 11 years, I would never expect that a club would do that to be completely honest with you.

Now looking from the positive side: I am joining a top notch organization that is serious about winning a championship. I spoke to Tommy Tanner and Ryan Hall and I have no doubt I am going to a team that has everything to be very successful for years to come. I always admired Ryan as a player and now he has proven to be a good coach in this league as well, in only a few short years. It is not easy to join a new team mid-season but I will certainly do my best to adapt fast and help them on and off the field the best way I can. For those who don’t know me this is my 11th season in professional arena soccer and I have been playing in this league since 2007 as a target forward.

Florida fans thanks again for the past three years. City fans, I cannot wait to get to Utica and start this new chapter in my life.

Freddy Moojen #28 Utica City