With the regular season winding down on Utica City’s successful first season, I wanted to open up the Utica City FC yearbook, and give you some superlatives for the players.

Most Likely To Succeed – Slavisa Ubiparipovic: Slav has made a case for himself as the 2018-19 MASL MVP, posting 19 goals and 21 assists, in 19 games this season.

Most Likely To Be On A Reality Show – Joey Tavernese: The Long Island native is known for his amazing celebrations, and my favorite UCFC commercial, where he channels his inner Dwyane Wade, and attempts to make the ultimate highlight of his dancing.

Class Clown – Liam Callahan: This was a tough one. To be honest, all of the guys love to joke around, especially during warmups. The nod here goes to Liam, even though he leads the team in penalty minutes.

Friendliest – Nate Bourdeau: Another tough one. All of the guys are very nice to myself and my family. But, if I had to pick one, it would be Nate. He’s always smiling, and comes over before every home game to say hi.

Most Likely To Win An Olympic Medal – Logan Roberts: Before the season started, I mentioned Logan as being a key contributor this season, due to his lightning fast speed. And I was right. Logan recently won “Breakout Player Of The Year” for Utica City, scoring 10 goals. I don’t think he can post Usain Bolt-esque type 100 yard dash times, but could definitely win a race or two.

Best Hair – Stephen DeRoux: A huge acquisition for Utica City, Stephen has his hair game on point for gameday. Luckily, it doesn’t get in the way of his backflip celebrations, during or after a game.

Most Likely To Become President – Vittorio PetreraHe’s called “The Mayor” for a reason. After every game, he’s shaking hands and kissing babies. Well, I’m not so sure on the second part, but he’s very personable after each game, away or home.

Most Ambitious – Jake Schindler: When the season started, the news broke that Jake was signing with his hometown team, the Rochester Lancers. As a huge fan of his, I was disappointed. Thankfully, Joey Tavernese talked Jake into playing for both teams. He has shown his dedication to both teams, as shown by sometimes playing three games in three days.

Most Likely To Be Instagram Famous – Mohamed Kenawy: Mo is very active on the social network scene, posting videos about soccer, and his favorite city in the world, Boston, Massachusetts. I could see him coming up with the next catchy meme that goes viral within hours!

Most Likely To Get A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame – Andrew Coughlin: It seems Andrew has a knack for acting, as he has been in several of the UCFC commercials this year. Unfortunately, I don’t know any good agents, but if I meet one, I’ll be sure to give them his portfolio of work.

Best Dressed – Domenico Vitale: So, owning your own tuxedo store may get you extra bonus points for this one. My vote goes to Domenico!

Most Likely To Become A Motivational Speaker – Darren Toby: Being up close to the action, Darren is always talking to the other players, motivating them to do their best. I could see him taking his motivational speeches on the road.

Most Unforgettable – Freddy Moojen and Mauricio Salles: Each guy is unforgettable in a different way, so I couldn’t pick one. I’ve watched both Freddy and Mauricio play for teams other than Syracuse and Utica, and when I found out they would be joining Utica, I was very excited. With Freddy, he’s so friendly and when it comes to soccer, he’s a very technical player. With Mauricio, he has one of the hardest left footed shots in the league. As a goalie, he would be the player I’d least like to go up against.

Most Likely To Survive The Hunger Games – Bo Jelovac: I think if Bo was nominated to take place in “The Hunger Games” he’d probably yell at whoever came up with this idea in the first place. Nevertheless, I’m sure Bo could hold his own just like Katniss Everdeen did. To survive, you need to be on your toes, and Bo definitely fits the bill.

Life Of The Party – Ben Ramin: After every game, Ben is all over the place, high-fiving fans and talking to friends. He usually starts on the other side of the field, and it takes him a while to get to our side. When he gets to our side, he’s still smiling the whole time. I would imagine if I was at a party with him, he would be the guy doing karaoke or doing a cannonball into a pool.

Most Likely To Quietly Take Over The World – Lucio Gonzaga: Another player I was very excited about having join Utica is Lucio Gonzaga. After watching him in Harrisburg, and Baltimore, I’ve noticed that he doesn’t say much, for the most part. Maybe he is plotting something bigger after his career in indoor soccer.

And with that, it’s time to bookmark this year’s edition of the Utica City FC yearbook and wait to see if we add some more special pages in the playoffs.